Written by Nicole Salomone

Published by Wasteland Press

172 pages

Review by Tracey Skeine


Synopsis from novel:

All her life, Abigail Jones has been in the pinnacle of colonial American society. But, when her house is maliciously destroyed, she becomes a camp follower of the Continental Army. Ill-prepared or trained for such a life, she finds friends in the medical community. Before long, she is thrust into a world of politics and disease, where loyalty is a preciously rare commodity. Using her wits and personality, she treads the fine line between the intentions of the officers and the suffering of the soldiers, all while trying to fit in.


I loved this novel for its portrayal of the American Revolution. I haven’t read many novels set in this era, but it seemed historically correct to me. If it isn’t I couldn’t tell. It shows early American history in a realistic way that doesn’t try to make things prettier than they were. I especially enjoyed learning about 18th century medicine. I had no idea about most of it, especially camp life for the soldiers during the Revolution.


Tracey Skeine is graduating with her degree in English Literature in June 2012. She is currently working on her first novel set in Caesar’s Rome.

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