Rachel Wicks

Written by Doreen McNicol

Published by Solstice Publishing

292 pages

Review by Tracey Skeine


Synopsis from novel:

London, 1847

Honest and hardworking, Rachel Wicks had spent virtually all her life in Pot’s Landing Workhouse. But now her life was about to radically change. She made a deal with a gentleman, Mr. Emerson Blackburn, that she would marry him in order that he might come into his inheritance; in exchange, she would have a chance to liberate herself and those she loved from the miseries of the workhouse.

Her life above stairs was grim, however, for Blackburn’s staff would not let her forget her origins. She must face the ordeal of being presented in public. She must face the expected wrath of Mr. Francis Blackburn, Emerson’s father. And then there was the exposure of Emerson’s true nature.

Determined to stick to her bargain, Rachel seemed confounded at every turn by betrayal, spite and jealousy. Until she met Emerson’s best friend, the handsome Thomas Archer…


I love stories set in the Victorian era. It’s my favorite era to read about, and my next novel is going to be set during the same time. I also like this story because it’s about one of my favorite themes which is being strong in the face of adversity. That’s all Rachel’s life has been, adversity, yet she keeps pushing forward despite all of the obstacles around her. She has it hard in the workhouse, yet she perseveres and stays true to herself. I liked that the ending wasn’t predictable, which you don’t find too often these days where stories are quite predictable. It was also well written and easy to understand, also things you don’t find often these days.


Tracey Skeine is graduating with her degree in English Literature in June 2012. She is currently working on her first novel set in Caesar’s Rome.

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