Magician’s Spell

Written by Debra Sue Denson

Kindle Edition

Red Rose Publishing

Review by Ellen Ball

Magician’s Spell by Debra Sue Denson is a charming book set in the 1800s during Napoleon’s reign. At the time women were expected to be demure and ladylike, though Lady Johanna Cornehl is anything but. Johanna is a strong-willed admiral’s daughter, and while she takes a trip on the ship Magician she must deal with the men who have become intertwined in her life in one way or another—her father and the man who she wants to marry, as well as the man who wants to marry her. Johanna does marry the captain of the ship though she does not seem to love him. Apparently the Magician has enchanted her, and she finds herself acting in ways she may not have except for the Magician’s spell. At times Johanna comes across as one dimensional, and her time in the theater seems a bit strained, but I thought the story was intriguing enough to make me want to know more. It’s only available as a Kindle edition, so readers without e-readers will not be able to access it. I think people who like stories about strong women in a time when women were expected to be weak will enjoy this book.


Ellen Ball is a middle school English teacher from Oceanside, California. She lives with her husband, daughter, and dog Sadie.

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