Dear Heart, How Like You This?

Written by Wendy J. Dunn

336 Pages

Published by Metropolis Ink

Review by Elizabeth Batt


Wendy J. Dunn’s Dear Heart, How Like You This? is a glimpse into Tudor England. There have been many books written about the ill-fated Anne Boleyn, but through the eyes of poet Sir Thomas Wyatt, Anne is portrayed as never before. For instead of a queen, we see a child with a love of life unsurpassed, an innocent spirit whose path to the execution block was paved by betrayal, untruths, and heartbreak. A woman who could trust only two men in her life, her brother George and the man who loved her, Thomas Wyatt.

Based on documented history, Wendy J. Dunn has indeed added the exact amount of spice to create this superb historical novel. As Thomas shares his love for Anne, he also shares the fickle character of the Tudor period where passions ran high and a sentence of death could so easily be achieved. Anne, George, and Thomas’ lives are entwined so steadfastly that what could not tear them apart was instead used to destroy them. As we come to know Anne, George, and Thomas, we learn of a friendship that transcends time.

Most admired about this book is not only its sensitivity to the time period but its incredible grasp of human nature. In an era where life was unpredictable and fate often lay in the palms of others, Wendy J. Dunn captures the people that dwelt within it simply but effectively and ensures their vibrancy to the every end. Cleverly and thoughtfully composed, the author imparts a tale that she herself states is “conceived around people who were once flesh and blood.”

Historians will enjoy this book for the insight it offers on Tudor life, the politics of the English court, and the dominance of Henry VIII. Others will enjoy this work simply because it is a tale of tragedy that cannot fail to strike at the heart.

Born and raised in Leicestershire, England, Elizabeth Batt was surrounded by some of the best British history ever known. Elizabeth is also the managing editor for Ancient & European History, the community manager for the History & Politics Center, and a Founding Dean for the School of History & Politics at Suite University.

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