Before the Paparazzi: 50 Years of Extraordinary Photographs

Written by Steven P. Unger; M. Stefan Strozier (editor); Arty Pomerantz (photographer)

Published by World Audience, Inc.

232 pages

Review by Paula Day


While there are many benefits to the Internet age, the all gossip all the time era we live in has tarnished celebrity. There is no magic in celebrity anymore. With paparazzi photographers snapping shots of celebrities at Starbucks or tying their shoes, there’s nothing left to imagine. If you long for the glory years of glamorous times, when celebrities were a step above and beyond, then you will love these photographs from Arty Pomerantz as much as I did.

The photographs in Before the Paparazzi appeared in major newspapers and magazines from the 1960s through the 1990s. Pomerantz, a highly respected photojournalist, pioneered the use of 35mm cameras and he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Studying the photographs in this book is like a trip back through time to see the best of the best: Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor, the Beatles, as well as snapshots of New York City through some fascinating and turbulent times. There is also informational text along with the photographs, and we learn about the stories behind the pictures, which are often as entertaining as the photographs themselves.

For a nostalgic look back through more recent American history, for a close-up study of some truly remarkable photographs, and for an interesting narrative about the stories within and behind the photographs, you should read Before the Paparazzi. It’s an American treasure.


Paula Day is the Review Editor of The Copperfield Review and the Managing Editor of Copperfield Press. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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