Faery Tail

Written by Deborah McNemar

Published by Bluewood Publishing, Ltd.

197 pages

Review by Paula Day


Faery Tail is a charming, sweet, romantic story about a princess who loves coffee in modern New York City. Star doesn’t want to be a part of the world she was born into, and she has moved to the city to create a new life for herself. Forces outside won’t allow her to escape so easily, however. The Queen must see Star fulfill her duty. Then there is a man, who can turn into a centaur no less, who wants to see Star married to save their kingdoms. Impetuous, unruly, and not so easily guided, Star learns to trust Centauri and together they learn of the truths within their kingdoms.

This was a short book at just 197 pages, and it was a quick, entertaining read. I found it to be just what the title says, a fairy tale with a feisty princess, a handsome warrior, and a fantastical story. The romance between the two leads was sweet as well. If you’re looking for a quick read, an adult fairy tale, something to entertain you and whisk you away from a boring world into a fairy world of magical creatures and the trials they face and conquer, then you’ll likeFaery Tail.


Paula Day is the Review Editor of The Copperfield Review and the Managing Editor of Copperfield Press. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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