Martyrs and Traitors

Written by Marina Julia Neary

Published by All Things That Matter Press

451 pages



Dublin, Good Friday, 1916

Kidnapped and held at gunpoint by his former IRB comrades, Bulmer Hobson, the misunderstood antihero of 1916, denounces the ill-fated Easter Rising he had tried to prevent. While his captors joke about shooting him and dumping his body on the railroad tracks, his terrified fiancee roams the chaos-ravaged city in search of him. Fifteen years of political rivalry, international conspiracy, botched love affairs, and taunting promises of glory culminate in a bloody showdown. Once branded ‘the most dangerous man in Ireland’ by the police, Hobson is about to be deleted from history. Based on historical accounts, Martyrs and Traitors is an intimate glance into the conflicted and shattered heart of Ireland’s discredited patriot.


I absolutely loved this book. I loved Neary’s sparkling prose. I loved the feeling of being pulled into Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising alongside the important players from the time. I admit I knew next to nothing about the problems in Ireland in the early 20th century, and   now I feel I have a strong understanding of the era. Neary has a strong ear for speech and a talent for imitating that in dialogue, and the characters were well drawn and believable. I was not familiar with Neary before reading this book but I will be on the look out for other novels of hers. She has a knack for bringing the past to life.


Tracey Skeine is graduating with her degree in English Literature in June 2012. She is currently working on her first novel set in Caesar’s Rome.

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